Hoo-Kong By Alexis Davis

Hoo-Kong by Alexis Davis founded in 2013, was a luxury handcrafted Safety-Pin jewelry line.  Davis used safety-pins to design simple yet significant necklaces and bracelets to fit any woman’s style. The intentions behind the brand was to empower women to be bold, beautiful, and confident in who they were. Taking it a step further, Davis designed a unisex Never, Never Give Up Wristband that embodied a sleek and sporty  design. Davis sought to fill a void in the fulfillment of her passions and launched the Never, Never Give Up campaign as a social responsibility endeavor under the HK umbrella. The campaign quickly gained traction and eventually overtook the jewelry line as the centerpiece of Davis’s business. Hoo-Kong organically evolved into the digital media publisher it is today with the intentions to help people, help themselves. When discussing the transition from jewelry to digital media Davis stated “It was more about the message I wanted people to get rather than the designs. That message was you can be powerful and beautiful wearing something as simple as  safety-pins. Think outside the box, just be you.”

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