About Us

At H.K. Productions Incorporated we are committed to helping you help yourself discover, learn, and grow. Through our subsidiaries we are engaged in digital media and e-commerce.

Our passion for research, discovery, innovation, and personal & professional development drives us to deliver tools to better understand self and life.  In 2013 we launched Hoo-Kong by Alexis Davis a luxury safety pin jewelry line designed to empower individuals to be the unique, world-changing individuals that they were born to be. In 2016 we built Hoo-Kong.com a digital media company sharing thoughtfully filtered content from around the world. We are adding the human component to RSS feeds by using our hearts, minds, and high levels of emotional intelligence to deliver quality sources to our readers. Hoo-Kong.com is here to compliment each individuals journey and enhance forward thinking.

As we also continue to learn, discover and grow, we will do our part in expanding our reach to serve more people.