Article20 Entrepreneurs Reveal Their Toughest Business Lessons Learned (

Number 19 on the list, Alexis Davis stated ” The toughest business lesson I’ve learned is *having the courage and power to listen to that still small voice* (inner voice) when others don’t see your vision. When transitioning my jewelry business Hoo-Kong by Alexis Davis to a digital media company H.K. Productions Inc ( some people within my team just didn’t get it. However, I knew deep down inside that my intentions to empower the users of my jewelry went far beyond jewelry itself. I wanted to expand and create a premier destination of thoughtfully filtered information from around the world that would help people help themselves. In business, you have to trust yourself, see the bigger picture, and be willing to go against the grain. A quote to remember is “You don’t have to explain your dreams, they belong to you.”- Paulo Coelho”.