Carina Wolff on a new force in media by women, for women who are moving fast in life shares Alexis Davis’ advice on developing effective communication skills. Amanda Knowles of a website that focuses on business, professional, and sales growth later featured Alexis’ quote in their article 11 Ways to Improve Your Communication Skills, According to Experts.

Excerpt:  “If you know communication skills are not your forte, you can always practice them until you become more comfortable talking to people. Founder and CEO of H.K. Productions Inc., Alexis Davis, advises you to practice different types of conversations with someone you fully trust. This will help you loosen up and become less self-conscious. Then, ask that person to provide you with feedback on what you could improve. Do this type of roleplay more than once. That way, you’ll make sure you won’t say anything out of place in the middle of an important conversation. The goal of these role-plays is to prepare you for challenging conversations, in which you need to be confident and articulate.”

View article here: 4 Experts Advise You on Developing Effective Communication Skills

View article here:  11 Ways To Improve Your Communication Skills, According To Experts